Intricate woodwork and creation is allied with close client consultation, to ensure an optimal completion. This interactive process naturally dictates production capacity, meaning that the waiting time for Balanche can be several months.

Facility of solid woods

The solid wood is obtained from renowned resonance wood regions in the European Alps and covers the whole range of available qualities for the acoustical, optical and overall suitability for loudspeaker making.

The density and hardness of the wood affects the tone quality of sound as well as the volume, timbre and other musical properties. For example, dense and fairly heavy walnut tends to sound warm and full with a firm low end. This opens a window of opportunity to have a small impact on the personality for someone who desires it.

One of the most used tonewoods is the hazel spruce which grows between 1100 and 1900 meters above sea level. Usually these trees have a minimum of 45 centimeters in diameter which equals an age roughly between 200 and 250 years. Meaning that they have already reached the maximum lifetime.

Optional finishing with the oil, or lacquer, or a silver- or gold plating with thickness of a choice.

Swiss pine